JavaScript Utilities Library

General Information

This script provides functions for browsers which do not inherently support the entire JavaScript Core and supplies some useful functions PHP developers might wish they had access to.
Current Version
2.1 (21 June 2005)


Copy these functions into your main JavaScript file or reference this file in the <head> of your document.

Change Log

1.0 (13 May 2005)
Initial script
2.0 (5 June 2005)
Migrated all functions to prototypes (Warning: some of this is unsupported in IE6); added lastChildContainingText(), addClass() and removeClass();
2.1 (21 June 2005)
Fixed IE incompatibilities.

Optimized Releases

These releases have been optimized for production by removing unnecessary white space, carriage returns, etc.

Development Version

If you are interested in helping to further develop this script, you can download the uncompressed JavaScript source file.